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Sex:Degrees of Seperation by Mahogany Star


Unorthodox Indulgences. The Sweetest Taboo. The theory is that everyone is just six introductions away from any other person on the planet. In this erotic anthology the reader is taken on a sexual exploration of the concept of being intertwined by chains of acquaintance. Meet Nina, happily married or so it seems but how happy can a woman be when her husband has put her on a sex schedule. Mia has everything a woman can ask for in terms of her home and career, but a chance meeting launches Mia into developing a risqué rapport with someone else’s husband. At the suggestion of a friend Rob is offered a way to add some spice into the marriage that has gone bland. What started out as a onetime dalliance has left Rob intrigued and wanting more. Sara has found a way to burn off the extra weight she’s put on. Her extracurricular activities are not what her husband had in mind when he told her she needed to work out. Sometimes love isn’t enough and in these steamy short stories Sex Degrees of Separation explores relationships as they relate to sexual urges and the measures one takes to experience pleasure. The tales erotic sequence of events unfolds in a climatic epilogue that will make you evaluate how you encounter the same people, events or situations in unexpected places.