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Summer's Heat by Mahogany Star


The best lessons in life are learned through experience.

Life was fabulous for Summer for her first ten years. Parents and siblings that adored her, she was spoiled and treated like a princess. But then Summer's childhood is interrupted by the mistakes of her mother and she's forced to grow up fast.

Desperate for love, attention and the bare necessities of everyday living leaves Summer as
vulnerable as prey.

Realizing the potential in her Supermodel looks, and her intelligence before Summer does, the
sophisticated and attractive Tyrell introduces Summer to a life of comfort. Summer, enjoying her
newfound lifestyle is determined to never go back to the days of being poor. Although initially
reluctant, when Summer recognizes how easy it is to become financially independent she builds an
empire based on the world's oldest profession, Sex.

With the drive to get ahead being her focus, Summer gets sidetracked when she's introduced to the idea of love. As far as Summer is concerned love has no place in her world, to her it's just a
temporary emotion.

Success can breed envy and after Summer gets implicated in a scandal, her world begins to spin out of control. She is forced to decide between love, her freedom and her future.